The Commercial Banking divisions and subsidiaries of Peapack-Gladstone Bank specialize in Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lending, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Life Insurance Premium Financing, Equipment Financing, Treasury Management, Professional Services and Small Business lending, providing customized solutions and industry expertise, with a focus on helping clients achieve their goals.

C&I Lending

  • Tailored Financing for Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Requirements Including:
    • Working Capital
    • Equipment Financing
    • Acquisition Financing
    • Dividend Recapitalizations
    • ESOP’s
    • Owner-Occupied Real Estate
  • State-of-the-Art Treasury and Cash Management Solutions
  • Assistance with Developing Legacy Objectives
  • Development of Succession Plans
  • Evaluation of Debt Capacity

The Commercial Real Estate Lending division of Peapack-Gladstone Bank specializes in multifamily lending and other investment property lending. We offer competitive programs, fees and flexible terms that allow clients to purchase or refinance their investment property. We focus on working with experienced owners, operators and/or developers that have financing needs related to multi-family properties, multi-tenanted office, medical, retail, and industrial properties. Primary markets include New Jersey, New York City and Pennsylvania.

The Life Insurance Premium Financing division of Peapack-Gladstone Bank offers specialty finance loans that are available for high-net-worth individuals and corporations, providing them with the opportunity to acquire life insurance without having to liquidate their assets, which can then be utilized for other investment ventures. These loans are a valuable resource for those seeking to maximize their wealth and gain access to capital.

Peapack Capital is a subsidiary of Peapack-Gladstone Bank that provides asset finance and equipment leasing solutions, specializing in mid- to large-scale transactions that help clients’ businesses grow and succeed.

  • Industry Niches:
    • Transportation — Heavy Duty Trucking, Marine, Business Aviation, Rail, Logistics
    • Industrials — Automotive, Utilities, Telecom, Energy, Construction, Chemicals
    • Manufacturing — Technology, Machine Tools, Consumer Products Packaging, Plastic Extrusion
    • Healthcare — Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Testing, Radiation Therapy, Surgical
    • Information Technology — Servers, PCs, Networking Equipment, Switches, Software
  • Products:
    • Capital, Synthetic, Operating, TRAC and Split-TRAC Leases
    • Taxable and Tax-Exempt Lease Structures
    • Capex Financing for New and Used Equipment
    • Sale/Leaseback of Existing Equipment
    • Secured Revolvers, Term Debt and Balloon Financing Structures

The Treasury Management division of Peapack-Gladstone Bank offers clients the ability to make sound decisions and improve financial performance with customized treasury management solutions:

  • Collection Solutions
    • ACH Origination
    • Integrated Lockbox
    • Merchant Services
    • Mobile Deposit
    • Night Drop
    • Remote Deposit
  • Payment Solutions
    • ACH Origination
    • Card Solutions
    • Online Bill Pay
    • Web Initiated Domestic and Foreign Wire Transfers (restrictions may apply)
  • Liquidity and Management Solutions
    • BAI Reporting
    • Checking Account Sweep
    • Insured Liquidity Sweep++
    • Mobile Banking
    • Online Escrow Management and IOLTA/IOLA
    • Online Reporting and Account Management
    • Positive Pay Fraud Protection
    • Zero Balance Accounts

The Professional Services Group at Peapack-Gladstone Bank has an expertise in banking professional firms including law, accounting, engineering, and architectural firms, and their partners and clients. We offer professional firms, peace of mind and the expertise of one private banking team, dedicated to providing solid guidance, advice, and holistic solutions.

  • Working Capital Lines of Credit or Case Cost lines of Credit
  • Term Loans to Finance Capital Expenditures Including Leasehold Improvements and Practice Acquisitions and Buyouts
  • Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgages
  • Stand-By Letters of Credit Used Typically as Rent Security
  • Partner Capital Loans
  • Private Banking for Firm Partners and Key Executives
  • Customized Escrow Accounts Plus a Full Suite of Firm Specific Treasury Management Products and Services

Small Business Lending and Community Banking

  • Revolving Working Capital Lines of Credit
  • Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgages
  • Small Business Lines of Credit+
  • Equipment Term Loans+
  • Business Expansion Loans+
  • Stand-by Letters of Credit
  • Loans Secured by Marketable Securities or Brokerage Accounts
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans — SBA Preferred Lender
    • SBA 7(a) Loans
    • SBA Express Program

+Online application available for credit requests up to $250,000.

The Platinum Service Team at Peapack-Gladstone Bank provides white glove service to high-net-worth clients and their companies, offering high-quality, approachable client service, as well as a sophisticated private wealth management strategy designed to fit every need. Whether you have standard private banking needs or are seeking complex, custom, or pioneering financial assistance, our Platinum Service Team is always accessible.

++Please carefully read the PGB Insured Liquidity Sweep program (“program”) Terms and Conditions before depositing any money into the program and for other important customer disclosures of information. The program itself, is NOT an FDIC-insured product. Rather, under the program, your funds are deposited into deposit accounts at participating banks or other financial institutions which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for up to the current standard maximum deposit insurance amount (SMDIA) of $250,000 per eligible depositor, per receiving bank or institution, for each ownership capacity or category, including any other balances the depositor may hold directly or through other intermediaries, including broker-dealers. Please contact us to confirm the receiving institutions at which your deposits are held at any given time. If you hold any funds at a receiving bank or institution outside the program, when combined with your deposits held at that institution through the program, the total amount of your deposits at that receiving institution could exceed the SMDIA for an ownership capacity or category, and those excess funds will not be FDIC insured. The total amount of FDIC insurance available on your deposits under the program depends on the number of receiving institutions in the program. If the amount of your deposits in the program is greater than the maximum FDIC insurance coverage under the program, any excess funds will not be insured. To assure your FDIC coverage, please regularly review banks in which your funds have been deposited and notify us immediately if you do not want to allocate funds to a particular bank or banks. If you so exclude a bank from the program, the maximum level of FDIC insurance coverage available under the program may decrease. Please contact us for the maximum amount of FDIC insurance currently available on your deposits under the program.