Peapack-Gladstone Bank has been an exceptional partner to Boll & Branch, understanding and accommodating our needs and wants throughout. As our company is quickly growing and maturing, we were looking for a banking partner who would grow with us and prioritize what's best for the business and, more importantly, the people behind the business. Everyone on the team was smart, helpful and incredibly responsive. We're proud to work with them and look forward to a longstanding relationship with their team. Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch is a leading designer and retailer of luxury home goods, all of which are rooted in quality, ethically made and sustainably sourced. The Company is noted globally for its steadfast commitment to bringing sustainable business practices to the luxury home sector. In just four years, Boll & Branch has become the world's largest consumer of Fair Trade Certified organic cotton and has supported the livelihoods of thousands of textile workers around the world, by mandating fair wages and business practices. As a result, Boll & Branch has become one of the largest e-commerce-first luxury home brands ever and counts hundreds of thousands of Americans, including U.S. Presidents and countless celebrities, as its customers.

Patrick Brocker, Peapack-Gladstone Bank Commercial Private Banker